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Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Meeting with AI

I had a quick opportunity to use my new facilitation technique on my dad and brothers during our first business meeting upon my return.  I explained AI to them and then proceeded to ask them some 'unconditionally positive questions' to try to expose the positive core that had gone cold in our dealings with each other due to relationship difficulty, economic stress, family entitlement arrangements and distrust.  The first question I asked was "When was your most energizing, life-giving time in our business working together?" The responses were very interesting to me and definitely did their 'AI thing' by infusing some joy and nostalgia into our conversation.  Since we've been in such depressing times in our business for over 2 years now, the instances they brought up were from the 'salad days' in our business in 2007 when we were profitable and growing our business, adding the restaurant, flying high.  The 2nd question I asked them is the AI classic:  "What do you want more of in our business and relationships with each other?" Our responses really brought hope and restored some camaraderie that had long been lost.

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