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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lenten Journey 2012

Loved attending Mass last night as a family and receiving our ashes together.  Lent always feels like a great opportunity to 'give something up', to sacrifice a pleasure, take on an austerity measure as a small way to to relate to and connect with Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  How does me giving up wine or shopping or complaining for 40 days really compare in any way to Him giving up his very life on the cross?  How pathetic my sacrifice seems in light of His? 

Our family is feeling something big brewing this Lent.  What started out as a desire to cull, de-clutter and simplify has turned into a conversation of selling our house, downsizing, living with less and a desire to create more space for what's most important, significant, meaningful in this short life that we have to live on this earth.  I started out wanting to clean out closets and specifically, my panty - not shopping for any pantry items until we creatively eat up our staples and empty out our freezer.  This inspiration and concept has taken on a life of its own and is now encompassing something much bigger! 

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