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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ripple Effect

I want to be intentional about 'watching' for the ripple effects of our AI session several weeks ago.  The first thing that happened is that it became apparent that we had a 'hater' in our group, someone that was working behind the scenes to discredit, discourage and hurt our progress and our members and needed to be let go.  I never anticipated that this would be a cause/effect from our AI session but want to log this in my observations from my first AI facilitation.  I figured that after our mountain-top experience with the AI session, if this was his response, then we couldn't expect anything different from him and he needed to go because he was toxic to the group.  I am choosing to look at this as a positive and necessary consequence of our time together.  We had talked about this possibility weeks earlier due to ongoing problems but it became evident after our AI session that his termination was necessary.  Everyone is much happier and I look it as a 'cleansing'.

On a lighter note, we've had our bartender step forward and offer to quarterback (both in idea and implementation) a New Year's Eve party which could mean huge $$$ for the hotel and restaurant!  This was also a result of our AI session - opening up the possibility, dream and visioning of our talented staff - to be able to give their input and take something and run with it.  All are behind his idea and we are pursuing it full-force!  All are excited for this possibility and are determined to try all we can to make this first one a success!  Most of all, it was so encouraging for me to have an employee venture out, offer an outstanding idea and try something new, to risk and get all of us behind something new.  

I will continue to watch for evidence from our AI session.  I am acting on another idea and meeting with Jen's brother regarding social media marketing and a marketing plan in general for our restaurant.  I hope to gain some insight, wisdom and direction from his expertise and heck, maybe a new employee or partner who could help move our business forward!  If nothing else, I'm so excited to meet one of my favorite employee's brother and to see his strengths, talent and motivation and try to encourage him in his career and personal path.  This is an outstanding family and the chance to meet another member is a privilege for me!  Plus, we are 'spying' on another hotel restaurant to try to gain some insight on our situation too - I know Jen loves this so it will be fun to see what they've got going and try to apply what we learn to our restaurant.

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  1. Jami, You always amaze me! You are continually growing, learning and moving forward. I adore that in you. I'm excited to follow your AL posts.