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Monday, December 13, 2010

Appreciative Inquiry Recap – December 2010 Managers Meeting

Outstanding Hospitality Leadership – Our Life-Giving Themes & Best Moments
1.     We ‘Pull out the best in people’; we develop employees and give opportunities for growth and satisfaction to people. 
2.     We develop close relationships with each other.  We are like a family and have great camaraderie together.
3.     We pull off challenges, tackle difficult issues and overcome adversity in hotel and people management.
4.     We love to win awards and take great pride in those already won!
5.     We develop warm and genuine relationships with guests.
6.     We take great pride in outstanding guest feedback (Medalia).
7.     We take guest feedback very personally – good and bad – and act on it as best we can.
8.     We go above and beyond to win over and delight guests.
9.     We experience joy and satisfaction in helping and serving others,  and in making others happy.  Giver’s Gain. 
10.   We make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Provocative Proposition;  We bring out the best in others, give opportunity and develop our staff to be their best.  We develop close and genuine relationships with coworkers and guests.  We gain great satisfaction and joy in serving others and making them happy and we look for opportunities to do this everyday.  We celebrate outstanding feedback from guests and the awards that follow. 

Visual Representation:  A pyramid, a toolbox and a building path towards success.
Medalia/Guest Feedback
Genuine Relationships
Joy & Satisfaction in Serving Others
Attack Challenges/Overcome Adversity
Pull out the best in employees  & Go Above and Beyond for Guests

Commitments:  Bloomington Team
1.     More staff and management meetings. 
2.     Empowering staff with more training.
3.     Writing More Drops – highlighting success
4.     Establish a Staff Message Board
5.     Weekly Calendar/Announcements for staff
6.     Establish an Employee of the Month
7.     A special welcome for Gold Elite Members each day.
8.     Do 1 on 1’s with Employees 2/year
9.     Travel Agent Thank you for Park-N-Fly super agents.
Commitments:  Eagan Team
1.     Develop an Employee Incentive Program which includes Housekeeping
2.     Reach out to community with targeted Sales effort
3.     Create Sales materials and develop a plan to distribute.
4.     Develop a Travel Agent/Admin Gratitude Program
Commitments:  Manitowoc
1. Conduct 1 on 1’s with employees to gain insight, ideas and to invest in them.

1.     Conduct 1 on 1’s with employees to gain insight, ideas and to invest in them. 
2.     Expand our community involvement.
3.     Develop an incentive program for housekeepers
4.     Develop a program to recognize achievements for all staff members
5.     Get staff involved in the entire operation, not just their shift; all functions.
6.     No longer invest in employees who aren’t working out!
7.     Establish a Calendar and Announcement Page for Staff; what’s going on.
8.     Counsel staff more, when doing well and when needing improvement.
9.     Continue our Travel Green Involvement and expand where we can
10. Get more feedback online for the hotel
Commitments:  Redwood Team
1. Conduct 1 on 1’s with employees to gain insight, ideas and to invest in them.

2. To train and educate hotel staff in marketing, sales, customer service and enhance guest experiences
3. 9 training sessions throughout the 2011 year for desk staff and housekeeping
4. Monitoring progress
5. Test calls/secret shopper
6. Daily room inspections
7. Guest feedback
8. To personalize criticism of oversights and lacking duties
9. Applaud employees in duties performed well. 
10. Employee of the Month, Continue to showcase employees for making a difference and gain insight in to their personal lives.
11. Employee Birthdays, Continue to recognize employees on their special day.


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