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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Board Re-Engaged Through Appreciative Inquiry - So Happy!

Hi Jami,
I’ve been meaning to get back to you for a while about how the rest of the meeting went.  First off thanks again for leading the session! It was the perfect blend of reflection and calls to action.  The board members were so appreciative (pun intended) and it carried over to the second half of the meeting.

I really noticed the lack of negative speak that we have been accustomed to hearing.  I think that was a direct result of your setting the tone.  Our main objective was to carry this into one-on-one board meetings with each board member to discuss their personal commitments for the year.  Every meeting has been a great success and the board seems eager to step up.  It’s interesting to note that the commitment forms that have been troublesome for people to fill out, have become a non issue.  I think it directly relates to the focus that was developed at the retreat.  I can’t thank you enough!!

I’ve shared the recap info briefly with other regions. Sharon Saxelby (CEO) was interested in hearing the results.  She might be interested in having other regions and/or the National Board engage in the AI method.  I will share with her our full results and see what she says.

I think next year (yes, this should be an annual event) we will add another hour as we seemed pressed to finish in the 4 hours.  Also, we hope to have some new board members by that point and it will be good for everyone to be able to participate in a retreat like this.

So, thanks again for all you do and I look forward to sharing more positives about our reengaged board!

Talk soon,

Sean Breininger
Regional Director
Friends of the Orphans
2052 Marshall Avenue
Saint Paul, MN  55104

Phone 651 482 1703

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