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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sales Retreat

Today I'll be facilitating a Sales & Marketing retreat for our Twin Cities group using Appreciative Inquiry.  We have a brand new Director of Sales for our 2 properties and we want to all contribute, support, help, plan and strategize to get our best plan put together for 2011.  We also want to make sure he is set up for success, knowing he has a whole team behind him working the plan with him.

He has come into our organization with such amazing energy, enthusiasm, positivity and heart - he has had a great impact on all of us.  He has brought us hope for recovery for our businesses and we are behind him 100%!  It's amazing what an on-fire employee can do to energize an entire organization.

I'm excited to see what joy, focus and strategy the AI process will bring us today - it is a great adventure each time it is used!

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