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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Inspired By An Old Friend...Downsizing

I admit....I am a Facebook addict.  I thoroughly enjoy keeping in touch with all of my 'friends' and knowing what is going on in their lives.  I take it seriously and check it religiously....everyday, unashamedly.

Last year, I was completely intrigued with one of my high school friend's family journey to sell their house in the 'burbs and move to downtown Minneapolis.  She chronicled it all in her blog and being the Facebook junkie that I am.... I read every post and was grateful for the glimpse she gave the world of the specifics of her journey. 

Here's her awesome blog and a few gorgeous pics of her view of the city:

Turns out my friend, Kristin Berns, is also a brilliant life coach - so wise, committed to helping people uncover their strengths and move forward in "creating life and work that brings you joy". 

Check out her website:

Well, a year later, my husband and I find ourselves on a similar journey.  What started out as giving up buying 'stuff' and shopping for Lent, has taken on a life of it's own and now we're talking about downsizing, selling our house and moving into a much smaller space, even the possibility of going 'mortgage-free' by moving into one of our rental townhomes.  I asked Kristin do to coffee and to have the opportunity to ask her specific questions about their decision.  What a delight to see their beautiful 22nd floor home in the heart of the city and to hear how their joy as a family has increased as a result of this decision! 

Where her kids on board?

How did they get rid of stuff? 

What 'space' opened up as a result of living in a smaller space with less 'stuff'? 

Any regrets? 

She was generous and gracious in answering all of my really confirmed our thinking, excitement and commitment to moving toward this decision. 

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