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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year’s Resolution: 5 Ideas for More Time with Girlfriends in 2013

New Year’s Resolution: 5 Ideas for More Time with Girlfriends in 2013
One of my 2013 New Year’s ‘Intentions’ (sounds more flexible and dynamic than ‘resolutions’) is to spend more time with my girlfriends.  I find that they challenge me, inspire me, renew my soul and make me laugh – all blessings that add to my positivity!   We are all busy and the weeks fly by so I’ve found that I need to be very strategic, a bit sneaky and add events to my calendar to make sure girlfriend time happens.  None of these ideas are new but when we are intentional and purposeful, we work harder to create and seize opportunities.  Here’s 5 ideas that up my girlfriend time! 
1.  Run a Race Together/Exercise Dates:  Races have become parties – put a few on your calendar with running girlfriends!  Not only are the clothing souvenirs awesome, but the after-party often includes live music, champagne toasts and free food!   The best part is you can chat and catch up during the entire race, enjoy the scenery, fellowship and exercise together.   Team Ortho races are outstanding,well-organized, fun, giveaway great race gear and medals with parties at the finish: 
 Team Ortho
I’ve also met friends at yoga classes - it puts the date definitivelyon my calendar and I look forward to it all week!  Who can you meet for exercise dates in 2013?

2. Help a Girlfriend:  We moved in 2012 and one of my girlfriendsblessed me by helping me pack up my kitchen. She even went over and above by loading all the boxes into her van, thenunpacking it all in our new place!  Welaughed, chatted and the time flew by! Such a generous act that makes me want to be on the hunt foropportunities to pay a gift of service forward to someone else.  Who of your girlfriends could use a randomact of service from you in 2013? 

3.  Serve on a Board together – One of my best friends travels extensively to Honduras leading medical ‘brigades’(mission trips) of US doctors and nurses who perform surgeries and providebasic medical care to the citizens of Honduras. She (RN) and her orthopedic surgeon husband built a surgery center onthe Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos/Friends of the Orphans orphanage property, whichraises, loves and educates over 500 children: Holy Family Surgery Center

I learned early on in our friendship…in order to get time with her, I had to serve alongside her, which is an inspiring privilege.  I hang around; hoping her goodness, faith and spirit to serve will rub off on me.  We are on the Upper Midwest Regional Board for Friends of the Orphans together.  Attending the board meetings and my volunteer work there takes on new meaning when I can see my dear friend at all of the events and meetings. Volunteering with girlfriends really gives you a double boost – serving a great cause and awesome connecting time! 

4. Girlfriend Getaways:  Make this a highlight of 2013 – plan a weekend away with your best friends.  No schedule, no running kids, just fellowship and fun!   The anticipation and having such a fabulous trip to look forward to will bring the group joy for months!  The trip will renew your soul and refill your emotional reserves, making you more grateful when you go home.  Last summer, a girlfriend hosted a reunion at her cabin in WI and invited the women from our Bible study that met 25 years ago.  All 7 came from near and far including Chicago, San Francisco and Colorado! It was a weekend we’ll treasure forever!   Here’s a prior post about making a getaway weekend meaningful and fabulous:   Girlfriend Getaways for the Soul

5. Host a Party:  Organize a fun outing, event, Happy Hour,gathering, or a party for your girlfriends!  In 2013, commit to planning something; maybe even make it an annual tradition.  This year I hosted a Holiday Happy Hour and invited my girlfriends, business and nonprofit associates and it was a festive blast!  I had several ‘mixers’ that facilitated them connecting and meeting each other.  Women so easily find commonalities and ways to make meaningful connections – foster this for your pals through hosting an event this year. 

Make 2013 stand out by intentionally investing time in cultivating your relationships with girlfriends.  It will be an outstanding year!    

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